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3-filter bathroom telephone

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Multiply the benefits of the shower and give your skin and hair a real gift of vitality and shine.

THE TRIPLE FILTER phone works wonders in areas where water is hard or unsuitable: Put an end to dry skin and wild dull hair. Feel well and relax after each bath, as often as you want.

The triple filter system that it has ideally treats the water of your home to end up clean and refreshingly enriched in your body.

Mineral for mineral enrichment : air aromatization and absorption of harmful substances, regulates the pH of water. Anion stones: release negatively charged ions and improve metabolism and fight bacteria, Spa experience.

& nbsp; Germanium stones: They remove chlorine from water, shrink skin pores and contribute to anti-aging.

Tiny outlet holes for up to 35% less water consumption and increased pressure.

Hair soft, soft and with a natural shine immediately - without chemicals that weigh down and give temporary solutions. Gives smoother and softer skin in a natural way. Reduces oiliness. Helps absorb nutrients and hydrate the skin. Fill your bathtub with beneficial, enriched and clean water for a real spa experience that will excite your body. It is very easy to install and is suitable for any spiral. Characteristics: Metal Mineral. It works as an air purifier. Anion mineral

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